The Golden Seeds Vision

A powerful force behind women entrepreneurs. A sterling opportunity for investors.

Women entrepreneurs have seen remarkable success in launching new ventures. In fact, 46% of the privately held firms in the US are at least half owned by women.

These entrepreneurs are often determined innovators who have the potential to scale their businesses and contribute to the economy in countless ways. Ultimate success requires access to capital and influential networks to propel growth - the same qualities that build market-leading companies.

At Golden Seeds, investors have access to these great investment opportunities that are vetted, coached and advised by our network. We offer an environment in which today’s most exciting women-led businesses receive capital and connections to grow and successfully exit.

Since 2005, we’ve invested over $80 million in more than 76 women-led companies…and counting.

All this in an investment culture that we call “profit with principles”—that is, one that places a high priority on values.