"One of the keys to Golden Seeds’ effectiveness is the collaboration among our many members nationwide."
Jo Ann Corkran,
Managing Partner

Management Through Teams

The work of Golden Seeds is accomplished through teams. Our members are our most important asset. We make every effort to capitalize on their talents and skills.

Golden Seeds Leadership
Golden Seeds is managed by a Management Committee which includes:


Jo Ann Corkran
Jo Ann Corkran is a Managing Partner of Golden Seeds LLC and focuses primarily on deal flow.  Read More



Loretta McCarthy
Loretta McCarthy is a Managing Partner, responsible for the Golden Seeds angel network nationwide, including member cultivation, orientation and engagement.  Read More



Peggy Wallace
Peggy Wallace is a Managing Partner and also General Partner on Golden Seeds Fund and Golden Seeds Fund 2. Peggy's primary focus is working with companies and ...  Read More


Nationwide Initiatives

Deal Flow and Office Hours:
Rob Delman - Rob Delman is Managing Director of Golden Seeds, where he ...Read More

Knowledge Institute:
Carol Curley - Carol Curley is the Managing Director of the Golden Seeds ...Read More

Member Engagement:
Mindy Posoff - Mindy Posoff is a Managing Director of Golden Seeds and ...Read More
Barbara Raho - Barbara Raho is an angel investor and Managing Director ...Read More

Sector Groups:

Consumer Products and Applications (B2C)
Eric Nader - Eric Nader has been a Managing Director at Golden Seeds ...Read More
Holly Zimmerman - Holly Zimmerman has been a Managing Director at ...Read More

Enterprise Services and Technology (B2B)
Deborah Bronston-Culp - Deb Bronston-Culp amassed a career spanning ...Read More
Mary McCaffrey - Mary McCaffrey is a Managing Director at Golden Seeds, ...Read More
Emily Susskind - Emily Susskind is a Managing Director of Golden Seeds ...Read More

Michelle Hartz - When the Supreme Court decided that genetically modified ...Read More
Bill Whitaker - Bill Whitaker is the co-leader of the Healthcare Sector ...Read More

Regional Leadership

Deb Kemper - Deb Kemper is the Managing Director and the Golden Seeds ... Read More
Sheila Narayan - Sheila Narayan manages Golden Seeds’ Office Hours program ... Read More
Karen Teller - Karen Teller co-leads membership in the Boston Chaper of Golden ... Read More

Silicon Valley
Sheri Anderson - Sheri Anderson runs the training program for the Silicon Valley ... Read More
Jackie Magno - Jackie Magno manages deal flow for the Silicon Valley chapter of ... Read More
Nancy Hayes - Nancy Hayes is the Membership Chair of the Golden Seeds ... Read More

Southern California (SoCal)
Kimberly Kovacs - Kimberly Kovacs is the Managing Director of Golden Seeds in ... Read More

Laura Baldwin - Laura Baldwin is co-chair of Open Office Hours for the Texas ... Read More
Louise Kee - Louise Kee serves as Liaison to the New York office for the Texas ... Read More
Michele Powell - Michele Powell is the Membership Chair of the Texas chapter ... Read More

Inquiries about Golden Seeds in any location may be submitted to