Interested in Joining?

"Why join Golden Seeds? It provides you the opportunity to continue to develop professionally, to become part of a nationwide network of committed investors funding high potential startups and to actively promote and impact women-led businesses."
Louise Kee,
Golden Seeds Investor, Texas

The benefits of Golden Seeds membership include:

  • Access to women-led companies across all sectors,
  • The opportunity to work with other members on due diligence teams,
  • Monthly meetings at which companies present their business plans,
  • Training programs offered by the Knowledge Institute,
  • Educational programs on many relevant topics,
  • Membership in the Angel Capital Association, the trade association of angel investors.

All Golden Seeds members are expected to be serious investors, including:

  • Participating in due diligence teams,
  • Meeting annual investment requirements,
  • Participating in training offered by the Golden Seeds Knowledge Institute,
  • Embracing Golden Seeds’ values,
  • Adhering to the Golden Seeds Code of Conduct,
  • Paying annual dues on time, and
  • Annually confirming their status as SEC Accredited Investors.

Categories of membership: We offer several categories of membership:

  • Individual
  • Family
  • Corporate.

Prospective members are often invited to attend a Golden Seeds meeting as guests before joining. Observing a meeting is a great opportunity to learn about Golden Seeds and our investment process. If you are interested in attending a meeting and/or applying for membership, please contact us at